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Here Animal Care Clinic we specialize in all different types of services for your animal needs.

 We offer service to most small and exotic animals. We are certified for domestic and foreign travel. The Columbus, GA Police Department/Muscogee County Sheriffs department is one of our most prestigious customers. We take care of their K-9 Units.

Surgeries Performed:

  1. Soft Tissue Surgery - Gastrointestinal surgery (such as but not limited to gastrotomy, intestinal intussception, foreign object obstruction.
  2. Oncological Surgery - Exicisional biopsy surgery, Tumorectomy
  3. All Dermatological Surgeries - such as Benign tumors or lesions, lacerations, recontructive surgery, necrologial excision (dead tissue).
  4. Ophthalmological Surgeries - Temporary tarsorrhaphy, permanent tarsarrhaphy, eye tacks, entropion surgery, nicitating membrane surgery (cherry eye surgery), corneal ulcers repair, eye enucleation (eye removal because of non reversible eye damage), and ectopion surgery.
  5. Urinary Surgeries - Urinary bladder  stone removal, urinary bladder repair, installation of urinary catheters, FUS surgery, pernieal urethrostomy
  6. Special Surgeries - Anal gland resection, prolapsed anal, and ear cropping ( We specialize in Pit Bull, Doberman, Cane Corso, Great Dane and Boxer.)
  7.  Orthopedic Surgeries - Orthopedic Fracture Repair (complicated and routine.) Fracture repair accomplished with stainless steal plates, I.M. pins, external kirschner Ehmer Apparatus, external splints and casts.
  8. ACL - (Anterior Cruciste Ligament) repair surgery.
  9. Reconstructive Surgery with long bones and maxillofacial bones.
  10. Limb Amputations - either full or partial for animals with catastrophic leg injuries.

Other Services:

We offer other types of services here also. All of our Laboratory tests are done in house and have fast return specialty tests.

  1. Therapeutic Laser - Latest technology in pain management and for tissue repair. This is a non drug therapy and a cure for chronic and acute injuries. This type of therapy is great for post surgical rehabilitation,back injuries (IV disc disease), back pain, hip dyspalsia, ACL injuries, post surgical applications, or post traumatic injuries.
  2. Oncological Therapy (cancer therapy) - This service is a new holistic cancer therapy with very good success especially in early to moderate stages of cancer. Even the worst and most deadly metastatic cancers have had a very good response (much better than conventional therapy). We offer the entire treatment from excisional biopsy to histopathology, diet modification, initial therapy, and prolonged after-care.


All canine and feline.

We also offer grooming and boarding.